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Overhead Switch is for Smart Grid Distribution Systems

ABB has introduced a new distribution class three-phase overhead, gang-operated medium voltage switch for emerging Smart Grid systems.

The ABB GridGuard switch meets or exceeds both IEEE and ANSI standards, which is important considering current rating and momentary interruptions, provides investor-owned and public power utilities with easy integration, remote and local operation, and flexible switching capabilities.

With the ABB GridGuard switch as a line management and restoration tool, utilities can more efficiently maintain their lines and manage and restore power as needed. Utilities using GridGuard should experience higher reliability with fewer interruptions, shorter downtimes and efficient line management. The GridGuard switch also includes maximum safety features for crews during line disconnection, increasing both line crew confidence and productivity.

ABB will provide full engineering, customer service and sales support for this comprehensive switch product offering. The switch is available with a variety of interrupter options, mounting configurations and control mechanisms, including a motor-driven feature. The GridGuard switch, supported by ABB’s medium voltage facility in Greensboro, North Carolina, also provides no external-arc interruption for line, transformer or cable switching.

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