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Outdoor Circuit Breaker Line Now Includes 3000 A, 3700 A Ratings

ABB has announced an extension to its line of R-MAG outdoor circuit breakers to include 3000 A and 3700 A, 15.5 kV ratings.

The 15.5 kV R-MAG offers a 3000-A rated continuous current capability and does not require a cooling fan or auxiliary cooling equipment when operated under normal ambient air conditions.For higher continuous current requirements, a fan-cooled version is available for operation at continuous currents up to 3700 A.

Introduced in 2002, the R-MAG uses a revolutionary magnetic actuator design that has only one moving part, offering an improvement over traditional outdoor breaker designs using a spring charge mechanism. The magnetic actuator requires no regular maintenance during the life of the breaker, thus reducing costly maintenance intervals, increasing reliability and safety.

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