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Optimization Solution Improves Grid Efficiency and Stability

S&C Electric Co. has introduced its IntelliTeam VV Volt-Var Optimization System and related services, on the heels of its acquisition of a product and software business from CURRENT Group.

With up to seven percent of electricity lost during distribution, utilities need a way to reduce total energy purchases, improve utilization of distribution grid assets, and better meet efficiency requirements. IntelliTeam VV offers a cost-effective approach for optimizing electrical distribution system voltage, power factor, and other grid operating characteristics based on real-time conditions. The technology is unique in that it is scalable for deployments of all sizes and requires no consumer involvement to implement. Deployment costs are recovered from reduction in energy used. IntelliTeam VV also offers demand response load reduction that does not impact the consumer.

“We’re addressing demands placed on utilities to improve smart grid efficiency head-on with this product, which is part of S&C’s Layered Intelligence solution set,” says Mike Edmonds, VP, Strategic Solutions, S&C. “The technology we’re bringing to market following the recent acquisition enables utilities to reduce electricity losses on distribution grids and improve stability. By leveraging existing assets such as grid devices and even advanced meters, utilities can make a big impact on overall system efficiency for a comparably small investment. This is a continuation of making the grid intelligent and responsive.”

Accompanying services also introduced by S&C include analytical studies, engineer-procure-construct (EPC) solutions, and asset management. These services span the life of a volt-var optimization program, from initial project planning to definition to implementation.

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