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Oncor Places Large Concentration of Smart Grid Voltage Compensation Equipment into Service

Oncor, the largest transmission and distribution business in Texas, has placed into service leading-edge power delivery equipment that will support environmental improvements in the North Texas area, while allowing for the continued reliable operation of the power grid.

“This investment will accommodate future integration of wind power and other forms of remote generation to support future growth in the Metroplex,” Oncor Chairman and CEO Bob Shapard said. “At the same time, it also addresses the present needs in North Texas for system reliability by allowing the operation of older, local generating plants – which are typically among the least efficient units – to be minimized.”

Historically, local generating plants helped moderate voltage fluctuations in electricity. With much of the generation in the urban areas of North Texas shut down in order to address environmental concerns, new voltage control is needed.

In response, Oncor has invested $50 million in smart grid technology Static VAr Compensators (SVCs) in Dallas, which are emissions-free solutions to the problem. As the largest and fastest acting installation of its kind in the world, the SVC technology provides the needed voltage control without the need for generation so close to population centers.

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