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Ohmmeter Provides Six-Winding Test Function

With the automated six-winding test function provided by Megger’s new MTO3XX transformer ohmmeters, resistance measurements can be made on all phases and windings of a power transformer without the need to disconnect and reconnect the test leads. Not only is this a big advantage in terms of convenience, it also reduces the risk of connection errors and makes possible big time savings particular as, in many cases, transformer bushings are not readily accessible.

The new MTO3XX transformer ohmmeters are offered in two versions. The keenly priced MTO300 is controlled by Megger’s PowerDB software running either on an external PC or on another Megger transformer test product that has an on-board computer. The MTO330 is completely self-contained and has a powerful integrated computer running the on-board version of PowerDB, an 8.4-inch colour display and a full QWERTY keyboard.


  • Automated 8-terminal/6-winding measurement capability
  • Simultaneous winding magnetization
  • Tests operation of on-load tap-changers
  • Built-in auto-demagnetization feature
  • Automatic discharge
  • Power DB software (MTO330)

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