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Multimeters Offer 100,000-Count Resolution

AEMC has introduced its new high-end, hand-held graphic MTX Mobile Multimeters, offering a resolution of 100,000 counts, 0.02% basic accuracy and up to a 200kHz bandwidth.

Their unique design, featuring a multi-position screen and push-button function selection, makes this range of multimeters suited for both benchtop and hand-held use. The power supply system offers all the benefits of a modern instrument, with rechargeable batteries for on-site use and an AC power adapter doubling as a battery charger for lab use. This prevents the instrument from shutting down due to low power during measurements over long periods.

The new smart Wall Plug power pack reduces the average charging time of the batteries, which have about 50% more capacity than the original models. The MTX Mobile Multimeters also give a precise indication of the batteries’ remaining capacity. Two 1.5V AAA rechargeable batteries are included. These multimeters come equipped with PC-compatible analysis software.

Measurement results may be exported in real-time or deferred mode, enabling the ability to store, analyze, document and transfer data to a standard spreadsheet program (e.g. Word or Excel).


  • AC + DC volts from 100.000mV to 1000.0V
  • AC + DC current from 1000.00ìA to 20.000A
  • Frequency from 10.000Hz to 2.0000MHz
  • Resistance, continuity, diode test, capacitance, temperature and more
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