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Motor Protection Relay Now Comes With Acselerator Software

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has introduced new features in the SEL-701 motor protection relay. These features include Acselerator QuickSet SEL-5030 software support and a loss-of-potential (LOP) element.

Acselerator QuickSet includes settings, meter and control, and Acselerator QuickSet Designer SEL-5031 Software support. QuickSet Designer simplifies standard settings and allows for custom views of settings. Use QuickSet to reduce setting time, save and transfer files, and troubleshoot problems.

Detect blown fuses or interruptions of the potential transformer circuit with the LOP element in the SEL-701.

“Adding Acselerator software support to the SEL-701 Relay makes it easier to keep all relay information in one place with one programming software for all SEL relays,” said SEL Field Application Engineer Ed Lebenhaft.

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