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Metal-Enclosed Capacitor Banks Offer Medium-Voltage Automatic PFC

Northeast Power Systems, Inc. (NEPSI's) metal-enclosed capacitor banks are designed for industrial, commercial, and utility power systems requiring medium-voltage automatic power factor correction. Standard designs are for placement in outdoor or indoor substations (an enclosure integrity option can be added to allow for placement in publicly accessible areas). NEPSI's standard banks can be modified in any way to meet specific requirements.

The voltages are from 2.4 kV to 34.5 kV, and reactive power ratings go up to 20,000 kVar in a single enclosure. The short circuit ratings are up to 40 kA, and up to 15 capacitor steps are in a single bank.

The banks come fully assembled and ready for interconnection. They feature integral air-disconnect switch or roll-out circuit breaker and an integral protection and control system. They are compliant with ANSI, IEEE, NEC and NESC standards.

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