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Megger to Offer IEC 61850 Seminar

Goose Configuration and Multi-vendor interoperability-IEC 61850, the global standard for power system automation, will be at the heart of future power systems and knowing how to test systems based on this standard will soon be an essential skill for power engineers. Megger is making it easier to acquire this skill by offering a comprehensive training session this April in College Station, Texas, that focuses on the interoperability and testing of IEC 61850 devices in substation environments. Also featured is an overview the new Edition 2 of IEC 61850.

Incorporating both theoretical instruction delivered by industry experts, and hands-on practical sessions using the latest in IEC 61850 test equipment, this session gives participants an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of working with IEC 61850-enabled equipment. Developed specifically to meet the needs of engineers and technicians working with power utilities, and others involved in the implementation, commissioning and servicing of substation automation systems, the training session delivers these important benefits:

  • Practical knowledge of building and testing IEC 61850 projects
  • Experience of the benefits IEC 61850 provides in multivendor environments
  • Step-by-step programming experience for major relay OEMs
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