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LightHouse Sensor Technology For Power Utilities Generally Available

Tollgrade Communications, Inc. has announced that the first release of its LightHouse distribution grid monitoring system is now generally available.

Tollgrade's LightHouse solution is designed to provide real-time grid intelligence by using sensors that continuously monitor key circuit parameters while transmitting data over a wireless network to a central location, thus reducing time of detecting a problem on the grid, identifying its location and restoring service.

"We have recently completed development of the first LightHouse release and are pleased that it has achieved general availability," said Joseph Ferrara, President and CEO of Tollgrade. "This smart grid solution remains in active trials with multiple electric utilities, and we have a number of trials planned with customers and partners in the coming quarters," added Ferrara.

In 2008, Tollgrade was among the companies selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to be a part of a multi-year project called the "West Virginia Super Circuit," one of a number of initiatives aimed at modernizing the nation's electricity grid. Also, Tollgrade is a member of the national consortium GridWise Alliance that comprises the leading U.S. companies and organizations that are participating in the Alliance's collective effort to transform the nation's electric power and distribution systems.

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