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LFE Meters Available for Immediate Delivery

Weschler Instruments now has an extensive stock of the LFE/api 195 and 196 Series industrial panel meters. These meters and meter relays recently carried the Triplett brand.

By special arrangement with the supplier, Weschler now has a large inventory of these models. The Meter Modification Center can quickly add a custom scale and set the meter to customer requirements.

195 Series Optical Meter-Relays

• Plug-In Control Module
• Long Life Lamp Operation
• Plastic Front and Base
• Proven Optical Setpoints
• On/Off or Alarm Control

196 Series Optical Meter-Relays

• Modern Rectangular Appearance
• Plug-In Control Module
• Proven Optical Setpoints
• Limit Lights & Manual Reset Switches Optional

The 195 Series and 196 Series Meter-Relays contain a light sensitive transistor switch that provides control simplicity and reliability. This switch controls the load relays. There are no pointer contacts or mechanical interference in the meter mechanism. The controllers are supplied with a plug-in control module that mounts directly on the rear of the Meter-Relay or may be remotely mounted with an accessory cable.

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