enhanced lockouttagout handle

Hookstick-Operated Switches Add Enhanced Lockout/Tagout Handle

S&C has introduced a new feature for hookstick-operated Omni-Rupter Switches in the vertical mounting configuration: an enhanced lockout/tagout handle.

The enhanced lockout/tagout handle, already available for hookstick-operated switches in the upright and tiered-outboard mounting configurations, provides added assurance that the Omni-Rupter Switch is secured in the fully open position. The enhanced lockout/tagout handle is mounted on the same end of the switch as the hookstick operating handle, but it faces the side of the switch so that operation of the handle will not interfere with any jumpers attached to the lower terminal pads.

When the handle is placed in the open position, a green “LOCKED” signal panel is revealed. The signal panel is not visible when the lockout/tagout mechanism is fully closed. If standard operating practices require, the lockout hasp of the hookstick operating handle can be secured open with an additional padlock or lockout tag.

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