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Harmonic Filter Solves Power Quality Issues

Schneider Electric has released its newest model of the AccuSine PCS Active Harmonic Filter (AHF). The AHF provides a simple and effective means to mitigate harmonics, reduce process-related voltage fluctuations and improve electrical equipment operating life and distribution system capacity.

The new model includes the Telemecanique Magelis XBT-G 3.8" graphical touch-screen terminal, a small and compact HMI terminal that is powerful enough to support high-end HMI applications to cater to customer needs. The compact, yet highly visible 320 X 240 pixel Magelis XBT-GT touch screen supports multiple languages and font sizes. It integrates Ethernet and can be connected on Uni-Telway/Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP. It also includes an alarm function with fault logging for better traceability.

The AHF filter injects harmonic current to cancel harmonic current in the electrical distribution system to reduce harmonic level results. This improves electrical network reliability and reduces operating costs. In addition, the AccuSine PCS is more compact than standard harmonic mitigation devices.

Easy to operate, integrate and maintain, the AccuSine PCS is available in 50A, 100A and 300A ratings and can be configured into different capacities. It carries UL, CSA, CE, ABS certifications, and meets all major worldwide harmonic standards such as IEEE-519, G5/4-1, GB/T 14549, and IEC 61000-3-2/3-4.

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