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Handheld Units Detect Voltages Starting at 5 VAC

Handheld Units Detect Voltages Starting at 5 VAC

HDE's Handheld Voltage Detectors consist of the LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector and the VP-1 Voltage Probe. These handheld voltage detectors are used to detect voltages starting at 5 VAC. They give an indication of the presence of voltage with either a flashing light or flashing light and beeping.

LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector

The LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector is a new addition to the product family and detects voltage from 5 VAC to 600 VAC with direct contact and above 600 VAC at a distance. The LV-5 detector has an ultra-bright flashing indication of voltage and is always on and ready to use.


  • Detects voltages from 5 VAC to 600 VAC.
  • Detects stray voltage which may be present on electrically conductive surfaces.
  • Ultra bright, long lasting red LED indicates when voltage is present.
  • Rugged, utility-grade design is waterproof.
  • Always on.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Kit is available, includes:
    -Holster to store the LV-5 when not in use - can be worn or hung.
    -Integrated Tester stored in Holster, tests the LV-5 for proper operation.

VP-1 Voltage Probe

The VP-1 Voltage Probe is designed to be used as a hand held direct contact secondary voltage detector from 50 VAC to 600 VAC, and as a proximity voltage detector for higher voltages. The VP-1 is always on and gives a flashing red light and beeping indication when voltage is detected.


  • Detects voltages from 50 VAC to 600 VAC.
  • Detects the presence of voltage on UG equipment test points and other energized equipment.
  • Flashing red light and beeper indicates when voltage is present.
  • Always on - no on/off switch.
  • Kit is available, includes tester to test the VP-1 for proper operation.
  • Made in the USA.
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