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Handheld Computer Integrates GPS

Trimble's next-generation rugged handheld computing devices, the Trimble GeoExplorer 2008 series, comes with integrated GPS technology. As one of three models available, the GeoXH handheld is setting a new mapping and GIS industry standard with real-time decimeter-level positioning accuracy.

With high-accuracy GIS data-collection capabilities, field workers can easily perform effective mapping of infrastructure and more accurate asset inventories. Because high-accuracy positioning is available in real time, utility workers who locate buried and hidden assets can more easily excavate cables and pipes without the risk of damaging nearby assets. In addition, back-office data processing is eliminated, streamlining asset inventories and as-built mapping jobs.

The GeoX handheld provides 1-m to 3-m (3-ft to 10-ft) accuracy. The GeoXT handheld offers all the features of the GeoXM, plus a submeter receiver and Trimble's EVEREST multipath rejection technology. This model is ideal for working in difficult environments. For even higher-accuracy applications, users can select the GeoXH handheld for real-time decimeter-level positioning.

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