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Flexible Ripple Control Command Unit Based on Industrial PC

The Siema ripple control command unit from Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution is based on a Simatic industrial PC acting as a Linux server. It can be used as a control and operating unit in small ripple control systems with only one substation, or as a control center in large systems. In the context of system integration, a LAN enables data communication and consequently access to the command unit from existing workstations.

The unit is of modular construction and can be expanded. It is especially suitable for load management, an interesting application of ripple control in terms of efficiency. Depending on the energy procurement contract, load management can be used for keeping to an agreed peak load or to the energy timetable. This can help cut energy procurement costs—a significant aspect for the network operator in increasingly liberalized energy markets. Dynamic load management is possible for load-dependent control and the monitoring of 100 load groups, with integrated acquisition and totalizing of a maximum of 16 subloads.

The integration of Siema as a ripple control center in the Spectrum PowerCC network control system allows energy grid operators to manage their networks system wide from the control center. With uniform operation of the applications both for the network control center and for ripple control (as well as shared resources such as computers, operator terminals and data storage), integration into the power network control system contributes to reducing the costs of investment, operation and maintenance.

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