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Ethernet Switch Suits Power Substations

Korenix has launched JetNet 5628G, the Industrial Modular Managed Ethernet Switch, compliant with IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613 environmental certifications and specifically designed for deployment in power substations. Available now, the JetNet 5628G is equipped with three modular slots, delivering flexibility and simple interface exchangeability for various network connection needs. The network redundancy technology and high-end network control, management and security features of JetNet 5628G deliver reliable and secure network communication in power substations and industrial control rooms.

The JetNet 5628G provides several types of Fast Ethernet modules allowing up to an additional 24 copper and 18 fiber ports.

The switch features wire speed switching capability where the 24 100M plus 4 Gigabit traffic can be transmitted without any packet loss and collision. The 4 gigabit combo ports allow users to trunk up to 8G uplink bandwidth and/or to form two independent gigabit rings. With dual gigabit rings, the JetNet 5628G can perform as an access-level switch in the power substations, ensuring the high bandwidth data transmission.

To fulfill the advanced management, control and security requirements in power substations and control rooms, the JetNet 5628G supports various software features such as QoS, VLAN, IGMP, layer 2/4 Access Control List, DHCP Option82, SNMPv3 optimizing networks in industrial environments. In addition, JetView Pro, specially designed for mission critical industrial environments, helps administrators automatically discover devices and efficiently manage the network performance in power substations.

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