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Distribution Profilers Monitor Power Flow

The MDP Series of Distribution Profilers from Megger range from a simple "current only" version to an advanced unit that offers waveform capture and harmonics.

The profilers offer three levels of functionality (MDP1/MDP2/MDP3). They have a removable, sturdy battery compartment with easy plug-in access and replacement.

A patent-pending metal spring device secures the unit tightly in place on overhead lines. The profiler also features relative voltage RMS magnitude and waveform capture and harmonics up to the 32nd order. Advanced Metrosoft software offers a number of test conditions and options

The MDP Series are easy to use and provide power utilities the tools to monitor power flow on feeders and overhead lines. The patent pending metal spring device on the unit helps to stabilize it in all types of weather conditions. As wind hits the MDP, the clamping forces increase on the line.

The MDP units also incorporate powerful software, providing waveform capture and harmonic analysis up to the 32nd order, individual harmonics, THD, frequency and imbalance charting and a selection of informative analysis reports.

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