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Distribution Controller Helps Reduce Power Outage Times

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced the availability of the SEL Distribution Automation Control System, which analyzes and detects fault conditions, isolates affected feeder sections, and restores power to unaffected sections to reduce outage times. The system includes simple drag-and-drop IEC 61131 function block configuration software on an SEL information processor, with the ability to automate up to six sources and 100 devices.

The SEL Distribution Automation Control System analyzes and detects permanent faults, broken jumpers, loss of substation source, and lockout due to miscoordinated protective devices. The system isolates affected feeder sections using fault-interrupting or switching devices and automatically re-energizes unfaulted sections through alternative sources.

System users can integrate virtually all distribution devices using a serial or Ethernet connection with various protocols, including DNP3 Serial, DNP3 LAN/WAN, SEL and Modbus RTU/TCP.. The system provides metering, status, and alarms to SCADA. Users can also analyze system events with sequence-of-events data.

"Utilities throughout the world are exploring ways to automate fault restoration on the distribution system. Until now, utilities struggled with integrating new and legacy equipment into their automation plans. With numerous protocols, the SEL Distribution Automation Control System solves this problem," said SEL Field Application Engineer Matt Watkins. "As utilities expand their automation plans in the future, the SEL solution can grow to meet their requirements."

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