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Dielectric Response Analyzer Tests Transformer Moisture Levels

Pax IDAX-300 is an insulation diagnostic analyzer designed for measuring dielectric losses in power transformers, bushings, cables, motors and other components. For power transformers, this data can be used to determine the moisture content in the paper insulation.

The analyzer is the latest generation in the IDAX range of instruments and represents a breakthrough in terms of weight-performance ratio, according to Pax Diagnostics. With its optimized design, the test set is three times smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessors IDAX-206 and IDA-200.

IDAX-300 is designed to be used together with an external PC for measurement control and data analysis. All data are stored in a database compatible with previous IDAX versions. For users preferring a stand-alone instrument, IDAX-206 is the alternative product, offering the same measurement performance and full compatibility with IDAX-300.

“We have seen a growing demand for small and portable dielectric response analyzers”, said Matz Ohlen, marketing director for Pax, “Our new product is three times smaller and I believe that this will be appreciated by our customers who often need to transport and carry their instruments out in the field.”

IDAX-300 uses FDS (frequency domain spectroscopy), a method that has been used for decades is laboratories. The technology was invented by ABB and further developed at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The IDAX test sets measures tan delta/power factor/capacitance of a component at multiple test points, in a frequency sweep at any temperature. This information makes it possible to assess the condition of the insulation and it can be used to determine the moisture content of the paper insulation in power transformers.

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