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DGA Solution Provides Method to Monitor More Transformer Assets

GE has announced the Intellix GLA 100, a cost-effective transformer warning solution using dissolved gas-in-oil analysis (DGA), specifically tailored for monitoring less critical transformers. With the Intellix GLA 100, utilities, operators and industrial users can now cost-effectively extend their transformer monitoring strategy to include a broader range of transformer assets—further decreasing the chance of unplanned outages and improving network reliability.

“Transformers are key and expensive components of the electrical grid—knowledge of their health condition is essential for a reliable network,” said Eamonn Whelan, product line leader—monitoring and diagnostic products for GE Energy Services. “Currently, there are approximately 300,000 significant transformers worldwide that are unmonitored. With the GLA 100, we are responding to customer feedback that requested robust, basic DGA capability tailored for less critical yet still important assets in the grid. The GE portfolio now offers monitoring solutions suitable for the largest power transformers to smaller distribution pad-mounted units and even to oil-filled instrument transformers.”

The Intellix GLA 100 is a compact, lightweight device, easily installed on a 1-inch valve. It continually monitors the key fault gas and triggers an alarm when a preset gas level is reached. Two levels of alarms can be set, with outputs in the form of colored light indicators at the transformer and SPDT relays through to control rooms. Alarm levels can be set or changed without the need of a computer or interfacing software, and the device comes ready to use with default settings.
The Intellix GLA 100 provides the ideal solution for users who want to expand their coverage to a broader range of transfomer assets.

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