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Data Acquisition System Supports T&D Substations

Qualitrol's IDM is a distributed multifunctional data acquisition system designed to address the data recording requirements of a modern distribution or transmission substation. The product, when coupled with a Master Station software package, provides a platform for the acquisition, analysis and reporting of data from power system substations.

In addition to the fault and disturbance recording capabilities of the IDM, upgrades incorporate the following functions:

  • Power system monitoring (triggered and continuous recording)
  • Phasor measurement
  • Event recording / power quality recording
  • Equipment condition monitoring

Each of these functions operates completely independently from any other function within the IDM, and the use of an industry-standard multitasking operating system provides added security. Individual Data Acquisition Units (DAUs) are networked on a twisted pair or fiber optic Ethernet LAN using TCP/IP protocol for communications. PC-based local storage units can be added to the LAN to provide mass storage, and Windows Master Stations can also be added to provide local analysis capabilities.

This IDM network can be connected directly to wide-area networks or can be accessed directly using industry-standard dial-up networking. The architecture of the IDM and the use of TCP/IP in the communications software allows direct connection to the Internet. The DAUs can be synchronized to 1µs using an internal or external GPS clock and this provides synchronous sampling in all DAUs with the ability to make system wide phasor measurements.

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