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Customer Selects S&C Switchgear with Thermal Inspection Feature

A customer in the Northeastern U.S. required new distribution switchgear that could be inspected without disconnecting circuits or opening enclosures. S&C’s local representative proposed a lineup combining S&C System II Switchgear and Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear. It would meet all of the customer’s specifications and could be furnished with the special inspection windows they desired.

The customer accepted the proposal. S&C designed a 14-bay lineup equipped for split-bus primary-selective operation, with automatic source-transfer provided by an S&C Micro-AT Source-Transfer Control. Each bay of the “L”-shaped lineup would be furnished with two Mikron SpyGlass™ Lenses.

These lenses can be attached to an infrared imager that allows thermal inspection of switchgear components with an accuracy of ±3°C. Each four-inch-diameter lens has a depth of field of 40 to 450. This large range eliminates the need to re-focus for different cabinet depths.

S&C’s representative performed several site visits to make sure the installation was progressing smoothly, and that all bays and interconnecting bus were properly aligned. The customer is satisfied with the S&C Switchgear and plans to specify it for future projects at other facilities.

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