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Control Module Reads, Analyzes and Transmits Parameters of Transformer

Virginia Transformer has developed the VCM\Virginia Control Module, a transformer monitoring module that reads, analyzes and transmits all parameters of the transformer.

The VCM analyzes data to detect abnormal conditions in a transformer. The analog display for local indications of gas pressure, oil level and the oil temperature is maintained using VTC standard gauges that do not have contacts. Set points can be changed remotely.

The VCM eliminates the need for contacts and switches for the following: Pressure Vacuum Gauge, Liquid Temperature Gauge, Liquid Level Gauge, and Pressure Relief Device. It also incorporates the functions of the winding temperature gauge and the Seal-In Relay function for the Sudden Pressure Relay and pressure switches. The VCM elevates the data collection and analysis to the highest reliability level by using the Solid State Sensors and contacts. This allows field programming of Set Points to accommodate varying operating conditions, integrates all the parameters and provides local annunciation of all data and status of Set Points.

This advance in automation means monitoring and making adjustments to a unit is easier and can be done remotely. The VCM provides downloadable data that correlates to necessary and preventative maintenance and service, which means avoiding problems before they occur. Using SCADA, the day-to-day parameters can be downloaded and charted with the onboard software over a period of time to analyze the performance. This means the VCM can contribute to enhancing the life of a transformer.

The VCM offers benefits over traditional gauges with contacts by:

  • Solid State measurement of pressure, level and temperature Greater Accuracy
  • Micro switches in gauges are replaced with solid state comparator – providing higher reliability
  • Rapid pressure rise and operation of the Pressure Relief is detected using rapid response pressure sensors

Benefits over other ETMs:

  • Sensors are used to read pressure and level
  • The analog signals allow logical calculation using pressure level and temperature
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection

The VCM is another achievement for Virginia Transformer in engineering and automation of power transformers adding tremendous value. It presents many opportunities for both VTC and for customers and provides customers with “peace of mind” in monitoring a transformer and enhancing the life of the transformer.

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