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Conference Covers Predictive Maintenance for Overhead Distribution Reducing Outage Frequency and Duration

The third Certification in Field Reliability Operations Conference will take place Aug. 25-27 in Columbus, Ohio. The conference brings together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss predictive maintenance strategies, best overhead-distribution field-reliability practices, and the latest approaches for reducing outage frequency and duration.

The keynote speaker will be Paul Feldman, board chairman of Midwest ISO, who will share high-level strategic insights on reliability planning and preparation for Smart Grid and the role of field-level reliability approaches.

Electrical engineering professors from Ohio State University Stephen Sebo and Don Kasten will share highlights from their research on the field forensics of why and how electrical line components fail. They will include demonstrations at the Ohio State University High-Voltage Laboratory to highlight examples of failing equipment.

Standards Engineer Jim Johnston from Portland General Electric will provide an IOU perspective on approaches, strategies, and technologies being applied in the field to impact reliability indices.

Nelson Bingel, vice president of engineering at Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., will share the national view on total line-to-ground maintenance planning.

Finally, Exacter President John Lauletta will lead a discussion on The Viability of Predictive Maintenance Strategies vs. Run-to-Failure Strategies.

Conference organizers stress there will be plenty of interactive discussions as well as panel discussions on practical implementation and expected results of the latest approaches and technologies being presented.

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