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Company Provides Transformer Monitoring for Aging Equipment

Vigilant Power Technologies Inc. provides systems to allow utilities to effectively manage their aging transformer fleet.

The average age of large electrical transformers in the United States is 35 years; the design life is 40 to 50 years. The increasing demand for power is requiring the utilities to operate these aging transformers at or above the design rating. These factors along with fewer utility engineers to watch these critical assets create a need for better asset management solutions.

“Utilities need quality, reliable, maintenance free solutions that provide timely information on the transformers health. This information needs to be provided when it is needed, the way it’s needed and be an accurate representation what is going on inside of the transformer.” said Yvonne Taylor, co-founder and president of Vigilant Power Technologies Inc.

Vigilant Power offers a range of products and solutions that address transformer monitoring needs. The engineering team at Vigilant has created these systems from the ground up based on real life experiences from the world over.

“Utility engineers and asset managers are under increasing pressure to load their aging transformer fleet at or beyond the maximum load rating to maximize revenue. When a transformer is replaced it is usually with a unit that was subject of a aggressive design by the lowest bidder, quality and start-up issues are a well known concern.” said Jerry King, co-founder and chief technology architect for Vigilant Power Technologies Inc.

“The data we see indicates that of the 110,000+ large electrical transformers installed in the United States, up to 2% will fail this year; that is 2200 transformers. Of those 2200 over 20% will fail catastrophically with fire and explosion not only resulting in the loss of the transformer and surrounding substation equipment, also causing collateral damage, public safety issues and serious other financial consequences. Vigilant’s products address the need to keep these transformers working safely and reliably.”

Vigilant Power Technologies is a privately held corporation headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.

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