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Brazil to Upgrade Substation Protection Systems

ABB has won an order worth $16 million to upgrade the automation and protection systems in 25 substations for the Brazilian power distribution utility, Light SA. The order was received in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The project is part of an extensive modernization program being carried out by the utility in the Rio de Janeiro region to improve grid reliability as part of the preparations for the Soccer World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

ABB will install substation automation systems comprising a range of protection and control equipment in the substations. Installations will include more than 1,250 relays from the RELION family of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), modular relays from the COMBIFLEX range and a MicroSCADA Pro supervisory system. The project is scheduled for completion by 2013.

ABB’s protection, control, measuring and supervision devices are fully compliant with the international standard for substation automation, IEC 61850. This standard ensures full interoperability between substation automation devices, irrespective of manufacturer, and, coupled with the modular design of ABB’s products, provides full flexibility for future extensions to existing infrastructure.

“This solution will help improve reliability of power supplies and grid stability in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro,” said Jens Birgersson, head of ABB’s Network Management business within the company’s Power Systems division. “The system will also enable remote monitoring and control of the substations bringing efficiency and cost savings to the customer”.

Light SA is Brazil’s fourth largest electricity distribution company. It distributes electricity across one quarter of the state of Rio de Janeiro, an area 10,970 km², serving approximately 3.9 million customers.

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