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AREVA Upgrades MICOM Monitoring System Software

AREVA T&D's MiCOM S1 Studio provides an integrated configuration and monitoring tool. It has an intuitive and versatile interface with integrated file management facilities.

The MiCOM S1 Studio interface was designed with simplicity and customization in mind. It has a panel-based interface where elements are resizable, dockable, movable and removable. MiCOM S1 Studio remembers your layout when you exit, so that next time you use MiCOM S1 Studio, you start where you finished.

MiCOM S1 Studio has been developed with the various needs of different users in mind. For example, it caters to both the protection engineer or system integrator, who wants to configure devices offline in the office, and also to the commissioning engineer, who wants to work online communicating directly with devices in the substation. Both can easily start work as soon as MiCOM S1 Studio is opened.

MiCOM S1 Studio is a full replacement for Version 2.

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