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Arc Flash Solution Complies with NESC 410.A.3

The National Electrical Safety Code is going to require utilities to perform arc flash assessments to determine potential exposure to an electric arc for employees who work on or near energized parts or apparatus.

Basler Electric Co. has developed two new versions of the BE1-50/51B utility grade, “plug & play” relay that will help electric utilities meet NESC 410.A.3 requirement in a timely, cost-effective manner by reducing the duration of the arc through faster fault clearing.

Basler Electric's BE1-50/51B-235 and 237, self-powered single phase overcurrent plug and play replacement relays, add the “adaptability” required for these short-term operating conditions defined by the NESC (arc flash hazards). These units directly fit into the existing case without the need for rewiring.

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