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ABB and Sensus Demonstrate Integrated Smart Grid System for Power Distribution

ABB has partnered with Sensus to successfully demonstrate system interface of ABB’s latest Network Manager Distribution Management System (DMS) and COM600 distribution substation controller, with Sensus’ FlexNet and iCon A meter, for advanced Smart Grid applications.

The successful interface was first showcased in April at a special Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Technology Day held in Washington, DC.

This demo was part of ongoing ABB and Sensus efforts to develop smart solutions that address the needs of utilities in today’s constantly changing business environment. Smart Grid data management enables utilities to manage electrical distribution systems more reliably and efficiently by accessing distribution system data that enhances both the use of system automation and control room operator decision making.

“ABB believes the integration of standards-based smart metering technologies with distribution automation is essential for the successful deployment of the Smart Grid and its future interoperability,” said Gary Rackliffe, vice president of Smart Grid Development at ABB.

The Sensus FlexNet system provides AMI communications that facilitates the convergence and tight integration of smart meter data with distribution automation (DA) to create smart grid data management systems.

ABB’s offering can enable the smart grid and include advanced electrical and control solutions for power plants, HVDC (High Voltage direct Current) and FACTS (flexible AC transmission systems) technologies, advanced substation and distribution automation systems, integrated control centers and a range of network management solutions including SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and related applications.

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