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Meter Now Offers Advanced Power Quality Monitoring

AMETEK Power Instruments has announced the release of power quality recording for the JEMStar II Revenue Meter. The JEMStar II now combines 0.05% accuracy for revenue metering with advanced power quality monitoring.

The JEMStar II detects and records the most-common power quality issues found today, including voltage sags and swells, harmonics, transients, flicker and power interruptions. The meter includes 1 GB of memory to store triggered waveforms, high-speed RMS captures and long-term trending of power quality measurements.

Power quality data is stored inside the meter using the industry standard PQDIF file format with options to automatically send it to a server once it is collected. The easy-to-use JEMWARE software makes it easy to set up the meter for recording these anomalies, and a graphical display helps users perform root cause analysis.

The JEMStar meter is backed by AMETEK’s 5-year warranty and 10-year accuracy guarantee. In addition to revenue meters, AMETEK offers a comprehensive line of power recording, measurement, and control instruments and sensor systems for gas turbine engines and industrial/utility boilers and burners.

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