Medium-Voltage Switchgear Is Smart-Grid Ready

The Premset switchgear also enables greater efficiency through advanced monitoring and control

Schneider Electric has announced Premset – its new range of medium voltage (MV) switchgear. The Premset switchgear was designed as a response to meet the new challenges of electrical distribution networks. Built using an innovative Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS), it allows MV network operators to increase safety and efficiency while simultaneously minimizing downtime and meeting the needs of the smart grid. 2SIS is a technical breakthrough that protects all the switchgear's live parts with earth-screened solid insulation, reducing the risk of internal arcing and facilitating top performance in practically any environment.  

Premset MV distribution switchgear brings 2SIS technology to the market in an extremely compact, highly modular form. It reduces footprint, a characteristic more often associated with SF6-insulated switchgear. This performance is achieved through the use of 2SIS combined with a patented universal flat power connection system and an original mechanical design. As an added benefit, the use of solid insulation increases life expectancy beyond traditional switchgear.

Because it has been designed for the smart grid, the Premset switchgear also enables greater efficiency through advanced monitoring and control. It helps ensure peak network performance in several ways, including feeder automation with built-in communication and local intelligence, load management with integrated smart metering, asset management with advanced monitoring of switchgear and the use of standard communication protocols. 

Premset Smart Grid embedded features are improving the management of today's networks and can anticipate future requirements of evolving grid-management regulations. 


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