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Orto equipment

Latin American Company Makes Distribution Monitoring Equipment

Orto will feature equipment in Booth 656 at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo

Orto manufactures monitoring, protection and control instruments for distribution and power transformers. Its products include conventional instruments and monitoring devices for diverse variables, such as temperature, current, liquid level, liquid flow and pressure/vacuum. It also includes different accessories such as pressure relief valves, liquid drain valves, tap changers, sight glasses, feedthrough connections and other special products manufactured according to customer´s requests.

Orto seeks to satisfy all of its customers' needs through a constant and close communication with its engineering and manufacturing departments. It has a large customer base, and customers are located in Mexico, United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Korea.

Orto de México |
Booth 656


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