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High Voltage, Inc. Launches a New Portable AC Hipot

High Voltage, Inc., a USA test equipment manufacturer based in upstate New York, announces a new CE marked portable ac hipot for testing switchgear, vacuum interrupters and other electrical apparatus.

The PFT-401CEF is part of the PFT line of portable ac hipots.  Rated at 40 kV and 25 mA, it includes a case design (37 x 32 x 60 cm tall) where the hinged top cover gives access to the controls while the high voltage transformer is stored in the lower section. Separating the two parts allows the hv section and test object to be a safe distance from the operator.

Other features include a guard/ground circuit for more precise leakage readings, digital voltage and current meters (with memory VM to display fault voltage), and adjustable current overload (10 to 110 % of output rating). Safety features include keyed main power switch, ground hook, zero-start and external interlock provision, with available hand and foot safety switch accessories.

Visit the Web site for more information. 

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