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Global Power Outage Maps Added to Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace

DataCapable has announced a Global Outage Tracker available in Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace. By leveraging the power of machine learning, industries across the planet will benefit from a real-time layer of global power outages. Now, ArcGIS users can visualize outages against existing data and weather layers for operational and actionable intelligence.

“Outages cost the U.S. $30 Billion each year as estimated by the Department of Energy”, said Zac Canders, Chief Executive Operating Officer at DataCapable. “This is the first time machine learning has been leveraged for global outage visibility, and the global outage app will empower electric utilities anywhere in the world to visualize outage trends, make better decisions on when to hold crews, help emergency response officials locate where outage events are occurring, provide insight across multiple countries when and where outages have occurred, and support informed business decisions for any company potentially affected by inclement weather. This announcement is an exciting example of the power of Esri’s ArcGIS platform - together, Esri and DataCapable are making maps social across the planet”.

This announcement aligns with DataCapable’s long-term initiative to use machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to detect and validate power outage events from social media. The Global Outage Tracker, map layer includes data from anticipated and active outage events with a three-hour history (by default), with further configurable options to subscribers of the app.


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