Nexstation lab
The different workstations of NexStation Lab can be seen in this overall view. The empty racks are used to house specific client equipment for testing, training and research during a project.

Expanded Substation Lab for Utilities

The newly expanded NexStation Lab from POWER Engineers Inc. allows utility managers to make the most of their investments in advanced technologies for their substations and related equipment.

NexStation services at POWER focus on performance, design, redundancy, testing, security and documentation using open standards. The goal is to work with a wide range of hardware and software to implement new and emerging standards and technology in a way that is vendor-neutral.

The NexStation Lab at POWER’s Boise, Idaho, office is a fully equipped laboratory available to utility clients with additional space for cybersecurity engineering, microgrid control evaluation, substation network architecture, HMI development and testing. The lab also provides space for clients’ teams to train for migrating to a next-generation electric system.

Engineer Jake Groat works at the engineering workstation that provides device and system configuration tools, as well as design and diagnostic tools.

“As power system technology moves forward, the challenge is to integrate all of the changes that are occurring,” said Rick Liposchak, NexStation program lead. “This isn’t just about looking ahead. It’s about realizing the best investments right now as part of a well-founded strategy. We want to help our clients make their power system investments as ready for the future as possible.”

Rick Liposchak, NexStation program lead (r), talks with engineer Srinath Balasubramanian about the work of the NexStation Lab.

NexStation guides owners through development of a future roadmap and implementation plan tailored to their needs. It supports them during road-mapping, engineering, construction, testing and commissioning. And it provides a structure for operations and maintenance support, from training through execution of an asset management plan.


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