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Franklin Electric

Transformer Protection: Franklin Electric Launches Transformer Monitor

Feb. 3, 2023
The INCON distribution transformer monitor has a built-in cellular modem, allowing deployment at scale.

Franklin Electric has expanded its power grid monitoring product line with the launch of the INCON Distribution Transformer Monitor.

The DTM provides meter-grade precision performance monitoring of critical, low voltage pad mounted transformers and conventional pole top transformers.

By continuously monitoring the key indicators of a transformer’s performance, the DTM provides remote access to real-time transformer health data and automated alarms for condition-based maintenance planning.

A built-in cellular modem allows the DTM to communicate via a cellular network enabling utilities to deploy DTMs virtually anywhere and at scale. A secure MQTT communication protocol allows the DTM to safely communicate with Franklin Electric’s web-based asset management database, UNITE.

This IoT database features data visualization tools that provides user access to all distribution transformer performance data for analysis and reporting in a centralized location.

With the INCON DTM, utilities can manage maintenance and truck rolls by exception with customized threshold alarms and notifications, determine the most efficient distribution of power during peak times, and ensure the delivery of high-quality outbound power when their customers need it the most.

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