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ABB ReliaGear LV SG Offers Preventive Maintenance Capabilities

July 26, 2021
This new generation low voltage switchgear integrates ABB’s SACE Emax 2 air circuit breaker technology with GE Industrial Solutions’ AKD switchgear.

ABB announced the release of ReliaGear LV SG low voltage switchgear platform incorporating the best of both worlds: SACE Emax 2 circuit breakers with Ekip trip units integrated into the AKD low voltage switchgear platform.

ReliaGear LV SG is engineered for use in demanding applications across market segments such as critical power facilities (data centers, hospitals), key industrial segments (food and beverage, water/wastewater), oil and gas, institutional facilities and infrastructure.

“With technology evolving so rapidly, it’s nearly impossible to predict what your needs will be,” said Dick Jackman, Global Product Group Manager for ANSI MV+LV Switchgear, ABB. “ReliaGear LV SG with the Emax 2 breaker with Ekip trip unit technology provides predictive maintenance functionality and connectivity to understand, analyze, and predict breaker health for a safer, smarter, more reliable solution.”

Because safety is a priority, all breakers can be racked in and out of the cubicle with the door closed and all breaker cradles have a safety shutter mechanism as a standard offering. The Ekip trip unit also offers many optional protection functions to help reduce arc flash incidents. This includes dual protective settings, second instantaneous and Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI). As an enhanced safety measure, a remote racking device can be used to rack breakers in and out from up to 32 feet away. When the breaker is fully removed, shutters can be padlocked for tag out operations.

Emax 2 breakers, paired with the Ekip trip unit can utilize internal 1% metering accuracy. This allows the user to eliminate expensive and space robbing discrete devices. In addition, Emax 2 breakers can be accessorized with the ability to allow remote breaker operations via communication. Emax 2 breakers allow operators to choose between eight different native communication protocols.

In critical power facilities, such as data centers or hospitals, that rely on backup generators during a power outage, continuity of service and selectivity can be maintained using the Ekip Hi-Touch integrated dual setting feature. The dual setting feature adds an extra level of protection against an arc flash event within a system and enables all the protection functions to be set with a few simple steps.

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