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Tester Performs Maintenance Tests on Transformers

March 2, 2019
Vacuum Interrupters, Inc., introduces CTVT-45 to perform maintenance tests on instrument transformers.

Vacuum Interrupters, Inc., an affiliate of Group CBS, has developed the CTVT-45, a two-in-one tester for the quick, accurate testing of current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs) in the field or at the lab. This lightweight, user-friendly test set performs basic and routine maintenance testing to keep instrument transformers operating safely and continuously, helping customers avoid costly and unexpected shutdowns.

Capable of testing knee voltages up to 45 kV and up to five taps on multi-tap CTs, the CTVT-45 tests a wide range of instrument transformers, including those in protection and metering applications. The device combines all-in-one testing with high accuracy and resolution to provide reliable and efficient equipment maintenance. The CTVT-45 can also store up to 5,000 data files to help keep maintenance reports accurate.

The CTVT-45:

  • Performs all required CT measurements with the push of a button: winding resistance, ratio, polarity, excitation curve, burden check, and excitation parameters
  • Performs all required VT measurements: winding resistance, ratio, polarity, burden check, ratio and phase angle error, and excitation parameters
  • Measures secondary burden for CTs and VTs
  • Performs automatic demagnetization at the very end of the measurement
  • Complies with ANSI and IEC standards 

To learn more about the CTVT-45 or to request an on-site demonstration, contact the company by email or call 214-442-5877.

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