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SDMyers Launches New Website

April 17, 2018
SDMyers offers comprehensive transformer maintenance training

SDMyers, a transformer management company based in Tallmadge, Ohio, has launched a new website this week that highlights the company’s extensive range of transformer maintenance services, presents its diverse line of specialized engineered products, and showcases its workplace culture.

This is the fifth edition of the website, which sees content completely overhauled and redeveloped with user experience in mind.

Navigation has been simplified to make finding individual pages simpler, content has been rewritten to make it easier to digest and understand, and video has been used throughout to help explain some of the more complex aspects of the company’s business.

SDMyers offers comprehensive transformer maintenance training, and the section of the website that displays courses has been revamped to make the information easier to understand. Registering has been simplified, and customers can now sign up for classes in fewer clicks than before with registrations made within the SDMyers website itself.

The new site includes several interactive elements, including new opportunities for visitors to explore transformer services, read up on research, and discover more about transformer management. Visitors can even test their own transformer expertise with a 60-question Transformer IQ Quiz, which offers advice on what classes to take based on the score.

The site maintains all the functionality of the fourth edition website but provides more access to content previously unavailable to general audiences. The SDMyers Knowledge Vault is a curated collection of articles, papers, briefs, videos and presentations, and where few articles were available in the last edition, the newly designed site shows detailed abstracts of everything available to registered visitors.

Explore the new site by visiting

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