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Diagnostic Tool Monitors DC System

March 29, 2018
Hindle Power to display DC System Watchdog at IEEE PES T&D Expo

HindlePower has introduced BRUNO DC System Watchdog. BRUNO is a powerful diagnostic device that continually monitors and records the health of your dc system, alerting you of any potential or real-time issues, as they occur. BRUNO satisfies NERC PRC-005 requirements for your dc system. Data gathered and stored in BRUNO can provide NERC required reports as well as being a potent and thorough indicator of your station battery’s health and readiness to respond in the event of a critical incident.

BRUNO measures and records NERC-mandated parameters including dc supply voltage, battery float current, unintentional ground faults, battery continuity/open cell detection, battery electrolyte level, battery terminal and unit connection resistance. BRUNO can also perform a capacity test to verify the battery’s ability to support dc load(s) per battery manufacturer’s specifications. All data stored in BRUNO may be extracted and presented in a variety of graphical and data reporting formats for quickly identifying potential dc system issues, trending analysis or root cause investigation.

BRUNO is equipped with the patent-pending Hindle Health System, a self-diagnostic tool. The Hindle Health System continuously monitors and alerts you of any internal operating issue. Front-panel green and red status lights immediately confirm whether your charger is either functioning properly or requires attention. Hindle Health provides a step-by-step system check confirming components are working and operating per the user’s parameter settings.

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