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Fault Transmitter and Receiver System Enables Faster Protection Decisions

April 19, 2017
Trip in milliseconds, speed up restoration, and improve safety on distribution feeders.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) is introducing the first Fault Transmitter and Fault Receiver system that sends fault signals to relays and recloser controls within six milliseconds.

The SEL-FT50 Fault Transmitter and SEL-FR12 Receiver System provides a new, unique approach to distribution system protection. Individual branch status inputs enable users to eliminate unnecessary coordination delays to quickly and securely clear faults while minimizing the number of affected customers and reducing equipment damage.

"This fault transmitter and receiver system reduces fault times from seconds to milliseconds” SEL President Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, III said. “We’re able to clear faults faster than anybody else. That's a big deal for improving safety, power quality and enhancing system reliability.”

SEL-FT50 Fault Transmitters can be installed on laterals, branches, and the main line to broadcast fault statuses via an 860 or 900 MHz radio (depending on the region) to one or more SEL-FR12 Fault Receivers. The system—which includes up to 12 line-powered SEL‑FT50 Fault Transmitters and 1 SEL-FR12 Fault Receiver—communicates fault data wirelessly up to two miles using Mirrored Bits® communications.

The SEL-FT50 is rugged and does not use batteries, providing many years of maintenance-free operation. Its lightweight design enables easy installation. In addition, the system requires few settings and can be configured without a computer.

When combined with the SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control or other SEL distribution protective relays, the millisecond-speed detection and communications allow for the fastest possible tripping on faults, as well as selectivity in deciding when reclosing is enabled so that the system can readily adapt to changing conditions. This improves safety and reduces wear on equipment while enhancing system reliability.

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