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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing System

April 14, 2014
The most critical parameter to monitor on a transformer is the temperature.

The most critical parameter to monitor on a transformer is the temperature. Transformer life is directly related to the life of the insulating paper inside. The life of the insulating paper is directly related to temperature it is exposed to. The highest temperature on the windings is the Winding Hot Spot (WHS), where the insulating paper is most likely to break down first. Conventional methods only simulate or calculate this temperature, but not directly measure it.

The only way to know exactly the temperature at the WHS is through the use of fiber optics.  LumaSense Technologies, through their Luxtron brand, is the world leader in fiber optic measurement in transformers and the leading innovator of new robust technology. This innovation continues with the LumaSMART.

The LumaSMART is designed to provide real time transformer temperatures that can be used for protection and control at a cost effective price. Transformers are critical assets that often take the brunt of an overload condition and are the most likely to be damaged without proper control and protection. The drift-free, calibration-free nature inherent in our patented Fluoroptic® technology makes the LumaSMART ideally suited for use in transformers as a reliable and cost-effective means of protection for these valuable assets.

There are several benefits to having direct temperature measurement in transformers, including:

  • Maximize transformer performance and extend transformer life with real time data
  • Modernized controller with full communications capabilities and interactive touch screen display
  • Enables accurate and safe control during overload situations
  • Enables conditionbased maintenance and inspections
  • Trusted performance, durability and longevity worthy of your investment
  • Design verification of transformers in the factory
  • Allow for dynamic loading conditions
  • Ability to control cooling fans, oil circulation pumps and alarms / protective trips
  • Enable Smart Grid interaction with your transformers

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