Sensortran Unveils Next-Generation DTS Platform

Oct. 7, 2008
SensorTran has announced the commercial availability of its new family of DTS systems

SensorTran has announced the commercial availability of its new family of DTS systems. The platform, dubbed “Gemini,” marries SensorTran’s second generation PerfectVision multilaser technology with several other proprietary innovations to create a distributed temperature sensing system. Both new and experienced DTS users have the ability to confidently specify, purchase, and deploy sophisticated DTS systems tailored to meet their individual application requirements.

The rapid growth of the worldwide DTS market has taken the technology from niche status for a core group of long-time users to a growing mainstream audience of new users. SensorTran’s Gemini DTS product line is the first to offer the unique level of flexibility to address both sets of users. By incorporating PerfectVision in every unit, Gemini delivers the benefits of simplified calibration and auto correction for fiber-related losses to all users. Gemini’s modular platform offers inexperienced users clear and easily understood configuration choices and yet allows “super users” access to highly customized performance solutions that have never been available before. .

The Gemini system has a streamlined modular architecture that features two separate, highly compact modules – one housing the data acquisition and processing functions, the other containing the lasers and optics. Each module can be upgraded to increase measurement speed, laser intensity (optical budget), or both. As an example, with both upgrades, a Gemini DTS system deployed in a 6km well is capable of making single-ended measurements with a temperature resolution of 0.005°C (0.009°F) in less than one hour, while maintaining a 1 meter (3.3ft) spatial resolution. This next generation platform, for the first time, allows for instant onsite system upgrades and service, as the modules are fully interchangeable. The Gemini family includes both single mode and multimode optical fiber systems.

Additionally, Gemini’s flexibility and compact design allow for any combination of the DTS modules (either base or upgraded) to be delivered in a full array of packaging offerings – 2U rackmount; field-rack case; portable; NEMA-4 weather-resistant with integrated full-color monitor; and in-ground (able to be buried) versions.

In addition to PerfectVision technology, Gemini systems also include the following innovations:

  • FlexPower user-adjustable power draw for low power applications
  • Customizable Sampling down to 2.5cm (1inch) intervals
  • Unlimited Range Sampling
  • Ruggedized, Shock-Mount Packaging

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