ETAP Releases New Version of Software Program

Dec. 15, 2009
The ETAP Development Team has released ETAP 7.1.0.

The ETAP Development Team has released ETAP 7.1.0 Enterprise Solution for Utilities. This release expands on the many new and enhanced time-saving capabilities of ETAP.

The company has added new features such as new templates, one-line diagrams, load analyzer, single-phase arc flash, arc flash analyzer, custom arc flash labels and switching management.

Version 7.1.0 includes 7.0 functions such as:

Modules (Enhanced)

  • Base Package
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Transient Stability
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Device Coordination / Selectivity
  • Sequence-of-Operation
  • Data Exchange

ETAP Real-Time (Enhanced)

  • Real-Time Server
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Predictive Simulation
  • Automatic Generation Control
  • Energy Accounting
  • Load Forecasting
  • Intelligent Load Shedding

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