Fiber Optic Probe Controls Transformer Loading, Performance

Sept. 2, 2008
LumaSense Technologies has added to its extensive line of fiber optic temperature measurement probes.

LumaSense Technologies has developed a new quality probe designed for accurate temperature measurement in high-voltage applications, in particular, winding hot spot measurement/temperature measurement in power transformers. The Quality Probe incorporates LumaSense's drift-free, calibration-free characteristics, patented Fluoroptic Technology, and is immune to RF, EMI and microwave interference.

The Quality Probe is a cost-effective alternative to Lumasense's Rugged Probe, which is a strong fiber optic instrument. The Quality Probe still provides ruggedness, but at a better price. Other new design features in the Quality Probe include improved oil circulation, state-of-the-art sensor positioning mounting and strain reliefs in the probe itself to improve durability.

"With the costs and lead times of transformers rising and the increasing electrical demand globally, transformers are becoming more and more of a critical asset," said, Brett Sargent, vice president of sales for LumaSense Technologies. "The Quality Probe gives us the design and cost advantage necessary to apply fiber optic temperature measurement into smaller transformers globally, thereby providing our customers technology to monitor and control transformer loading and performance."

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