Electrical Safety Checker Provides Immediate Pass-Fail Indication

June 5, 2006
Clare Instruments has introduced the PrimeTest 50 from The Seaward Group

Clare Instruments has introduced the new PrimeTest 50 from The Seaward Group. The PrimeTest 50 is an easy-to-use and basic electrical safety checker that provides immediate push button “pass/fail” indication. The handheld instrument is battery-powered and lightweight for maximum portability, and provides the user with an inexpensive and simple solution for checking the safety of power cords and portable electric tools.

The instrument is suitable for all types of organizations who must meet the requirements of an Assured Grounding Scheme or are responsible for ensuring the safety of equipment being issued to employees and the general public.

The PrimeTest 50 incorporates clear, easy-to-follow operating instructions on the front of the instrument and contains a large display and test buttons. The user simply connects the power cord or tool to the PrimeTest 50, selects the test, and within five seconds receives an indication as to whether the cord or equipment is safe for use.

Built-in intelligence ensures that if the operator selects the incorrect test, the unit will automatically issue an audible warning until the correct button is depressed.

The instrument is provided with a number of different adaptors to suit a variety of cords covering both 115- and 124-V and 15- and 20-mp NEMA connectors.

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