Beckwith Announces 'Try Before You Buy' Campaign

Feb. 19, 2008
Beckwith Electric Co. has announced its “Try Before Buy” campaign for the M-6200 digital voltage regulator control

Beckwith Electric Co. has announced a “Try Before Buy” Campaign for the M-6200 Digital Voltage Regulator Control. The limited time offer comes with a no-risk guaranty.

If the user is not completely satisfied after using the control, they simply send it back to us and tell us why.

"We can offer you this guaranty for these simple reasons. Building on our 40 years of cumulative tapchanger control experience, we know what our customers expect from a new product like the M-6200," said Dave Olson, marketing communications coordinator at Beckwith. "We’re constantly listening to what the customer has to say about our products, and we’re constantly defining our products to meet their needs. We took the same approach in designing the M-6200."

The control offers state-of-the-art features that include a control based on the hottest Blackfin processor, LDC –R, X, and Z, multiple reverse power options, tap position limits and line overcurrent inhibit. The communications options of the control include SCADA support, and they are accessed by various means, which include fiber optic, Ethernet, IEC-61850, and local Bluetooth wireless. The company's TapTalk Uploads and Downloads, as well as Downloading of System Data, can be accomplished by means of the built in USB port, or Secure Digital (SD Memory) card. Protocols include DNP 3.0, and MODBUS, and are available using a (ST) Fiber Optic, or RS-485 (2-Wire) configuration.

® software make setup and operation a breeze. Firmware Updates, Configuration

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