Software Module Securely Manages Substation IEDs

Feb. 3, 2009
Cooper Power Systems has introduced the new Configuration Manager, a module of Yukon IED Manager Suite (IMS).

Cooper Power Systems has introduced the new Configuration Manager, a module of Yukon IED Manager Suite (IMS). The software suite offers a centralized set of tools to manage substation intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), events and data in a NERC CIP-compliant, secure manner.

Configuration Manager provides a browser-based user interface that allows system administrators to view all IED and communication gateways configuration settings. This IMS module features user-established schedules to monitor, retrieve, and store all the configuration files. Configuration Manager also detects changes and notifies system administrators of any modifications to the devices.

“Most utilities are complying with many portions of NERC CIP using cumbersome manual processes. With a simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain enterprise software solution, Configuration Manager significantly reduces the utility’s effort to comply with NERC CIP and to generate compliance data,” said Daniel Arden, global product director of software solutions at Cooper Power Systems.

Configuration Manager automates IED configuration change logging and auditing as required in NERC CIP 005, 007, 003-6. In addition, it simplifies compliance with NERC CIP back-up and restoration requirements by storing all information required to restore communication gateways and managed devices. Configuration Manager’s security features also maintain the history of configuration changes in an auditable database.

This new module, which is part of the complete software offering Yukon IED Manager Suite, also includes the Passthrough Manager, Event Manager, and Security Server modules. These modules provide remote single point of access to IEDs for maintenance and engineering, automated event retrieval and centralized NERC CIP-compliant security. Yukon IED Manager Suite goes beyond NERC CIP, automating compliance with a centralized, secure system.

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