Megger Protective Relay Test Set Offers New Features

March 19, 2007
New features for the Megger MPRT Protective Relay Test Set are now available.

New features for the Megger MPRT Protective Relay Test Set are now available. These improvements include improved system operating reliabilty, additional test capabilities and new features to the AVTS software.

The features include

  • Dynamic control – easy testing of single or “multi-shot” reclosing relays.
  • Recorder feature – simplifies the capture of all analog waveforms, binary inputs and outputs, plus much more.
  • Click-on-Fault – provides the ability to define the type of operating characteristics, then actually point on the characteristic to test on.
  • Binary Search – easily define maximum values and type of fault or characteristics such as constant current, constant voltage or source impedance.
  • SSI File Reader – fast, easy import of state – sequence files from ASPEN and CAPE simulation programs.
  • Modbus Communications – automates communication with relays via the Modbus protocol.
  • Doble Test Results Import – easily read Doble test result files and import them into the AVTS data base.

The test set also has new, lighter, more rugged MPRT enclosure; new, improved TVI cable; new deviation alarm for open current channels or shorted voltage channels; improved means for upgrading any new firmware; and tips/shortcuts for performing certain test functions.

The MPRT Megger Protective Relay Test Set has a touchscreen interface, built-in test routines and transducer testing capabilities, and has been designed specifically to simplify complex relay testing and increase relay testing efficiency. Consisting of the ‘Power Box’, the ‘TouchView’ Interface (TVI) and powerful AVTS software, the MPRT eliminates error and saves time for the relay technician or engineer.

The ‘Power Box’ is packed with other unique features such as a constant power output (CPO) of 200 VA current per phase and 150 VA voltage providing the flexibility to test any relay, and voltage and current generator (VI-Gen) components that have been combined into one amplifier package. The system is made to the user’s specification, based on their testing requirements, and has an easy and flexible upgrade path. It includes four communications ports and output capabilities for worldwide use.

The TVI is a hand-held, full-color touch screen that enables the user to perform manual or semi-automatic relay testing using built-in preset test routines by simply touching the screen and following a step-through operation. Test results display calculated values such as watts, vars, power factor and ohms. Metered outputs are displayed simultaneously to 0.05% of range for real-time verification purposes and the TVI also displays test vectors making it easy to recognize each test configuration.

The MPRT system comes with the latest AVTS Version 3.0 that includes online vector and ramp controls, multiple ‘test wizards’, a fault calculator tool, and Windows Access compatible database.

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